Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fun with family

We just got back to Iowa last night from a three week trip to Utah. We had such a great time. The girls had fun playing with their aunts and uncles and they loved all the attention they got form grandparents. I love everything about Utah! I love the weather, the people, family, THE WEATHER, and the mountains. I'm so happy we got to go out there again. We went a few months ago and on our way home it took us two days to fly because of cancellations and dumb United Airline employees. For our trouble they gave me some vouchers so we needed to use them up before the next baby came and we had already bought our Christmas tickets so I picked a time when Brandon would be the busiest and we boogied on out of Iowa. We fit a lot into those three weeks. We went down to St. George for part of a day; we played in the canyon; we went to a Halloween party; we hit all the restaurants that I crave when I'm in Iowa by eating out A LOT; we went to Gardner Village; and we did a lot more things that I just can't remember right now. I didn't do great at taking very many pictures but here are a few.
My dad's work lets kids come in and trick-or-treat. Luckily my mom had some fun things for the girls to dress up in because we hadn't brought costumes with us. It turned out to be really fun. I was surprised at the amount of people that were there. Apparently Symantec is a popular place to trick-or-treat. Tessa is dressed up as a little leopard.
Kayla is my beautiful fairy princess.
Every day is dress up day at our house. Tessa looks like she is wearing some kind of turban :)

My grandma was there visiting from Delaware for the first three days we visited. She hadn't seen Kayla since she was a newborn and she has never seen Tessa. We had to get a four generation picture.

My crazy family!


Natty said...

Oh Britt i am so happy that you got to back and see that fam. Your hubby is nice to let you go for such a long time!!
I LOVE and miss utah so much too, and i definitly miss those yummy restaurants-cafe rio especially

Joseph and Angela Dougherty said...

Ok, I love that you love Utah, but mostly I love that you're back. Those pictures of the girls playing dress up are absolutely adorable!

Also, let's go walking again SOON! I'm not sure how much of a partner I'm going to be since I literally can hardly breathe anymore, but I'll try!

Maddy said...

dang it! we're going out for thanksgiving... are we ever going to see you guys?! and i want to talk to you about residency!

Missy said...

Looks like you had a great time! The girls looked so cute in their costumes at the symantec trick or treat. It was so fun to see you guys!