Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Christmas!!

We had a blast this Christmas! The week before we left to Utah we celebrated with just our family and had the girls open their presents from us. It was such a fun day and it truly felt like Christmas. We spent the whole day just hanging out in our pajamas and playing with our new toys. Brandon bought me a new sewing machine which I am so excited about, but I have yet to sew anything with it. That is my next project.

Brandon is so cute with Kayla... he had the idea to make this fun Christmas wreath with her cute little hands. I love it!
We spent the first two weeks of our vacation with Brandon's family so we celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with them. All the kids woke up to the presents having been placed like a Christmas tree.
After we opened all our presents at the Egbert's we went over to my parent's house. Kayla loves to dress up and my mom gave her a new Cinderella dress. She wears is all the time. It was fun because Grandma Egbert had given her a Cinderella Barbie doll so she carried it around while she wore her beautiful dress.

Once again they are dressing up. My mom saved all of my little sister's old dance costumes so Kayla and Tessa had a blast trying them on.
Every year for the last 4 years Brandon has taken on the project of making the tallest snowman he can manage. It gets taller every year. This year's project truly was amazing. His whole family pitched in and it was a fun day trying to break our record.
We went up to Yellowstone for a few days one of the weekends we were there. I left my girls with my parents and we drove up with Brandon's family. It was such a great trip. It was fun to have a little break from parenting and Yellowstone is absolutely beautiful. It averaged 0 degrees so all of our pictures are comical because we were so cold, but we had a great time. We saw buffalo, and bald eagles. We saw Old Faithful and more snow than I have ever seen in my life.

I had to say good-bye to my little brother for two years when I left to come back to Iowa. He is leaving on a mission to Mexico City in two months. We got a family picture while we were out there because it is the last time we will all be together for several years. It is already almost outdated because I am pregnant and my sister-in-law is expecting in June. I guess that is how it is going to be from now on though. We will always be adding new members to the family. Hopefully we will add a wife soon for my brother Jason :) I snatched this picture off our photographers website so ignore the words going across my dad's face. I love my family so much. I'm so grateful we were able to spend so much time with both of our families.


Kim White said...

That snowman is impressive! Glad you guys had a good Christmas!

Tawnya said...

Wow, what a fun trip. That snowman is truly awesome!!!

Maddy said...

your girls are so cute! it's funny how things like dress-up are just part of being a girl, and cars and dirt are just part of being a boy! it looks like you guys had a great christmas, and again, we missed you guys! we need to plan these things out better...